Thank you so much for helping refine and strengthen my college applications. I am thrilled to let you know that I was accepted Early Action to Stanford University! Your advice helped me become a better overall writer, which has been valuable in all of my scholarship applications. I am so excited to attend Stanford, and you were a crucial step in getting me here. Thank you, and I hope you continue to have a positive impact on other students' lives as you did on mine.
Brad Immel, 2017

Margie, I know Sami has already shared the good news with you about her Stanford admission, but I wanted to say "thank you so much!" She couldn't have done it without you. You provided invaluable help and guidance. Every step of the way Sami and I remarked on how lucky she was to have your feedback and constructive criticism on the essays, but it was also really helpful to have you review the wording of everything on the application so that it made the most impact.
We couldn't be more pleased!
Linda Koire

Thank you for being a significant person in guiding Amy and David in their college search, essay and apps. Thank you for cheering them on, proding them to observe their deadlines, encouraging them to reflect themselves on their essays and not be afraid to scrap mediocre writing and start all over again and again, submitting only their very best and most thoughtful work.
Mona Chang (Auburn)

So often I think of you and all the help you provided to Matt (and me). Matt loves UCLA....everything about it. Thank you for helping Matt find his way. You were instrumental in the process.
Heidi Veneman (Granite Bay)

Margie's counseling of our two sons was instrumental in their acceptance at their first-choice colleges. Her knowledge of colleges throughout the country is encyclopedic, and after taking time to get to know our sons she used that knowledge to identify great "fits." She also encouraged them over a three year period of regular meetings to push themselves to be in position to be accepted at "reach" schools, which proved to be a winning strategy. Even in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings we found Margie was readily available and happy to meet, talk by phone, or email. She was amazingly responsive even during the crunch application periods. We found Margie's guidance on essay writing to be particularly helpful, which relieved a lot of parental stress. Above all, we appreciated that Margie really cared and seemed as happy as we were on acceptance day. We could not imagine the application process for our two boys without her, and we would recommend her strongly and without qualification.
Chuck Stevens (Sacramento)

"Margie always kept me on task; my essays were in their final drafts months before they were actually due. Her knowledge of colleges is wide-reaching and comprehensive, which enables her to accurately predict not just where students will get in, but where they would be happiest. Indeed, it is she who suggested I apply to Stanford. Without her encouragement, I would have never had the best experience of my life!"
Francie Neukom, Sacramento Country Day School Class of 2004, Stanford Class of 2008

Your efforts helped keep our kids on track, and provided an effective non-parental external perspective. You helped them find and hone their voice during the process of preparing their application essays"
Seth Rosenthal and Joi Barrett  

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